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  • Insomnia Outbreak-14x18 Print On Matte Paper

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    Part Three - Insomnia Outbreak

    12"x16" Giclee Print on 14"x18" (36cm x 46cm) Matte Paper (with White Border)

    Original Painting - SOLD to Fred Whitehead, Kansas City KS, through the David Jones Gallery, Kansas City MO, USA - Circa 2016 - 18"x24" Acrylic On Panel

    200 Limited Edition, Hand Signed & Numbered By The Artist

    In the town square men line up for sex with a girl who must pay her family’s debts from a fire. Insomnia takes over the village with folks wondering around aimlessly. Sign painters are needed to recall and label things—“God Exists” for example. Handsome tattooed hunk picks his girl; José loses it and has to be chained to a tree. A card reader tells fortunes. José gets down on all fours to stop the wedding and prevent the bride from entering the Church. The inspector is dictating the color of the village houses. Rebeca and Pieto are dancing merrily in the square. Rebeca is found eating dirt and drinking whitewash.