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  • The Golden Statue-14x18 Print On Matte Paper

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    Part Four - The Golden Statue

    12"x16" Giclee Print on 14"x18" (36cm x 46cm) Matte Paper (w/ White Border)

    Original Painting - SOLD to Fred Whitehead, Kansas City KS, through the David Jones Gallery, Kansas City MO, USA - Circa 2016 - 18"x24" Acrylic On Panel

    200 Limited Edition, Hand Signed & Numbered By The Artist

    While a large statue of Joseph is being moved, it falls and hundreds of gold coins burst out. The pack mules carry gold bars which are stacked on a table. Ursula holds her ears to free herself from the constant accordion music and cock fighting by her twins, José and Aureliano. They play a sex game with the same confused woman. Aureliano applies bank notes on the inside and outside of their house. A Christian does his business with a female donkey as darting orange disks appear in the sky. Ash Wednesday was devastating when rebels began shooting anyone who tried and failed to remove the ashes from their foreheads.